In the 1960s, Dr. Robert Martin introduced the “Gravity Guidance System” and for 14 years, he has treated many patients suffering back pains using this system. The Teeter Inversion Table introduced before the 1980s is an exercising apparatus used as a treatment process by athletes or people suffering from muscle injuries and back pains. In the 1990s, the use of inversion tables reduced tremendously because of earlier stated health risks, which reduced the confidence of the consumers, coupled with poor quality equipment. Later in the 1990s towards the twenty first century, the use of inversion tables grew and consumer confidence restored. It led to the adoption of the use of the machine by the US Army, during their exercise sessions.

This machine is constructed in a way that if a body is stretched out, it releases pressure on the spine and help with muscle relaxation. One has to lie on their back in an inverted position. The cause of back pain is due to pressure and stress, technically the machines helps increase the space between your vertebrae allowing the jelly like fluid found on the inside of your discs usually used as shock absorbers in times of muscle strain, to reabsorb the fluid relieving the back pain.
Teeter Inversion Table Therapy is beneficial in many other ways, other than bringing relief to back and muscle injuries. It helps increase height, blood circulation, reduces stress, improve flexibility and one becomes more mentally alert. People suffering from high blood pressure, cerebral sclerosis, obesity, glaucoma, spine injury, heart disorder should not use this exercise apparatus and should only do so, if a physician recommends it. It is advisable for pregnant women not to use an inversion table. Years before it was said that an individual who used an inversion table would suffer from a stroke, although no case has ever been reported.

Teeter Hang-ups Power II Inversion Table
Teeter inversion tables used too fast can cause dizziness; it should be well advised to take it slow when making any movements. An inversion table costs approximately $350, before purchasing one; it is good to take into consideration the safety rates, despite the fact that manufacturers do produce high quality inversion tables with good warranties. The machine should offer the full collection of all inversion angles, giving the ability to make further movements to increase muscle relaxation. It should be easy to use, conforming to your needs. One must inquire how much weight the inversion table can hold and it is advisable to first consult a physician before making a choice to purchase one.

The Teeter inversion table market offers different types of machines with different or added structures. This is beneficial, especially for individuals who would want to use the machine for a specific reason. Choosing an inversion table will depend on you needs, for example the Kettler inversion tables from Germany come with padded boards and ankle clamps, in case one has an ankle injury, this should be the best choice. Other tables include the Ironman gravity inversion table.

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Inversion Table Instructional DVD – Teeter Hang Ups Inversion
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This table is in new condition – it works great for any back pain- I bought it for my husband who has since had knee replacement surgury and can no longer use it- video and all instructions.

Teeters Hang-Ups Inversion Table review
The Teeters Hang-Ups Inversion Table has changed my life. Within months of using the Hang-Ups inversion table, every part of my body was naturally straightening itself.

A Guide For First Time Users Of Inversion Tables
Inversion tables are nifty devices that allow you to enjoy relaxation and actual benefits to your health. Your first time using an inversion table can be somewhat scary.